The Global Advantage

From passenger to pilot, carrier to controller, Aireon will transform the business of commercial aviation on a global scale — opening up a world of opportunities.

Through a transformational space-based ADS-B solution, Aireon will provide aircraft tracking data that makes it possible to extend next-generation coverage across the entire planet, enabling the first truly global air transport traffic management and surveillance system, and a full range of value-added applications.

ADS-B receivers on board Iridium NEXT satellites will detect signals from next-generation equipped commercial aircraft all over the world — including vital airways over oceans, mountains, remote areas and polar regions — relaying them seamlessly to air traffic controllers on the ground.

Aireon expects its near real-time global monitoring data to have a dramatic economic impact on air operations by optimizing fuel savings, increasing flight path efficiency and improving safety. All of which results in the eco-benefit of substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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Aireon’s global advantage


Optimizing the world of aviation

Aireon expects its real-time global monitoring data will have a dramatic economic impact on air operations –increasing fuel savings, optimizing flight path efficiency and improving safety – all without major new investment in equipment or infrastructure.